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Welcome, internet voyager!

We're a modern, full-service Wordpress agency (aka, a web design company) in Los Angeles, CA. We create websites for individuals, upstart companies, and small to big businesses. And yeah, we produce some pretty first-rate shit.

What does a full-service Wordpress agency do, exactly?

Full-service refers to the complete lifespan of a Wordpress website. This includes inception, industry research, responsive design, Wordpress theme and plugin development, server deployment, and ongoing maintenance. We'll handle any or all of these segments on your particular site, fine-tuned to your specific needs. We at AMDD count among us web designers, web developers, and all-around internet handypeople with a love of and emphasis on Wordpress.

Okay, so who do you typically design and develop websites for?

Almost certainly, someone like you! AMDD accepts projects from all business sectors: private, government, and non-profit. And our current roster spans many industries, including sports gyms, real estate, law, construction, art, and food. We also white-label for design firms and marketing agencies. Many realize they don't have the onsite staff to handle their clientele's web development requests. AMDD can step in and take the reins. And sure, we're an LA web design company, but we have clients across the nation.

This all sounds like a fit, but I'm looking for the best website agency within my budget.

Well, we certainly believe we stack up with the web design greats! AMDD focuses on marrying the heritage of fine graphic design with the modern platform. Our responsive Wordpress themes aren’t cookie-cutter solutions because we’re not interested in what will just ‘get by’. Informed through SEO research, we aim our UX patterns at directing your user’s actions and emotions through the narrative of your unique offer. And since we stand by the excellence of our craft, we’ll walk with you to continue maintaining that status. After all, technology and users’ goals shift over time! But don’t just let our words goose your interest, take a gander at our previous Wordpress work.

Let’s Do This.

We hope we've impressed and earned the right to hear from you! Whether you need a web experience designed from top to bottom, a Wordpress theme professionally developed, your existing site optimized for speed or for search engines, or an ongoing agency partner, American Design & Development is ready for the task. Contact us now to start the conversation.

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